Students in the College of Education have access to scholarships that are specific to the college. Scholarships will be awarded to students majoring within the College of Education on the basis of their educational and professional goals, academic success, and financial need.

There are four academic departments within the College of Education, and each department administers scholarships for students within that department. High performing new freshmen or transfer students to the University of North Texas who are entering one of the College of Education undergraduate degree programs can apply for a prestigious Terry Scholarship

Application Requirements

To apply for College of Education Scholarships, students must submit an application which includes an essay on educational and professional goals, academic success and financial need. Students also will need to submit three scholarship recommendation forms completed by individuals who are familiar with one or all of the following:

  • The applicant’s academic performance
  • Student’s work or professional experiences
  • Student’s character

Application deadline is March 1 of the preceding academic year.

Apply Now


Applicants will receive an email notification in April of any scholarship awards. Written notifications and scholarship acceptance forms will be mailed to scholarship recipients at the address listed on this application.

Students who receive a scholarship award will be required to attend the STAR Celebration that is in appreciation of College of Education Scholarship Donors during the Fall semester to meet scholarship donors. Additional information will be sent to the scholarship recipients regarding the celebration.