The Conference on Education and Culture is a collaboration between the University of North Texas and the Jalisco Secretariat of Education, which supervises EC-12 and a number of universities, normal colleges and research centers.

The collaboration calls for cooperative projects, inter-institutional research programs, visits between UNT and schools in the state of Jalisco, and other programs that promote improved educational and cultural relations between UNT and the Jalisco Secretariat of Education. 

Conference on Education and Culture

Cross-Border Research

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. | March 27, 2019

Gateway Center Ballroom

University of North Texas

Denton, Texas


Scheduled Topics

  • Living Within and Across Borders: Elementary, Secondary, and Tertiary Student Trajectories
  • Cross-Border Inquiries into Teacher Education
  • Intercultural Bilingual Education: Different Contexts, Different Forms
  • Children Moving from the United States to Mexico: Fractured Schooling and Educational Challenges for Teachers
  • Education of Transnational Students in Jalisco and Texas
  • Education with a View of the Border Land
  • Perspectives from the Other Side of the Border
  • The Importance of Mexico-Texas Relations


Secretary of Education of Jalisco
UNT College of Education
Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas

Featured Speakers

Tatyana Kleyn

Victor Zúñiga

Randy Bomer

Lya Sañudo Guerra

Francisco de la Torre Galindo