Schedule a Practice Exam

  • Exams will be in Matthews Hall, Room 119 by appointment only. 
  • Only one student allowed per appointment.
  • Arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Students will have a maximum of 4 hours to test.
  • Only 1 exam can be scheduled per appointment.
  • Bring a number 2 pencil to your appointment. Mechanical pencils are acceptable.
  • Do not bring personal items such as backpacks or purses. 
  • Cell phones will not be allowed in the testing room.
  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Masks are required.
Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 1:00pm
Matthews Hall

Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page to register for the upcoming practice exam session. Register for only the practice exams that are directly related to your teaching field and certification at UNT. You will not receive a confirmation email after you register.

Accommodated Testing - If you are requesting testing accommodations for the practice exam, please call 940-369-8601 or email before submitting your registration. Requests for reader/scribe, extended time, or separate/quiet testing rooms cannot be provided by our office on the day of the practice exam due to staffing and space issues. Students who are requesting a reader/scribe, extended time, or a non-distractive testing environment should make an appointment to take the exam with the Office of Disability Access

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