Gifted and Talented Education

Graduate Academic Certificate online program

The Gifted and Talented Education specialization offers a Graduate Academic Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education. It is not the same as Texas teacher certification, although the courses do prepare a person to sit for the Texas examination for supplemental certification in gifted education by the state. When completed, this Graduate Academic Certificate is listed on a student’s official transcript. All four of the certificate courses can also be used in various Master’s and doctoral degree plans, should a student decide to pursue a graduate degree along with the certificate.

Top Careers

  • Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary

  • Special Education Teachers, Preschool

Top Posted Job Titles

  • Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

  • Educator

  • Teacher

  • Program Facilitator

    Anne Rinn


  • Jaret Hodges
  • Rachel Mun