Austin R. Anderson

Assistant Professor
Austin R. Anderson

Recreation, Event and Sport Management

Ph.D., 2011, Indiana University
Physical Education Building 210-D

Dr. Austin R. Anderson is an Assistant Professor in the Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation department at the University of North Texas. Dr. Anderson’s main research focuses primarily on issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice and public policy in leisure and recreation through examinations of sport-specific recreation and management areas. These issues include stigma and belonging in aquatic, sport and campus recreational spaces, with an emphasis on social justice-based goals for people who often find themselves marginalized due to prejudice, discrimination and/or lack of access. 

Dr. Anderson also has an active research agenda investigating aquatic safety and management, particularly those involving minority population groups. 

Dr. Anderson has been employed in aquatic facilities, municipal parks and recreation, and intercollegiate athletic settings throughout Indiana. His personal interests include collegiate and professional sports, including his former involvement as a member of the Men’s Swimming Team at the University of Notre Dame, and mass popular culture, amusement and entertainment.