Daniel Heiman

Assistant Professor

Daniel Heiman

Teacher Education and Administration

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Matthews Hall 218-R

Dan Heiman is an Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education in the Department of Teacher Education & Administration and joined the faculty in 2018. His research focuses on how neoliberal processes and ideologies impact Dual Language contexts, and how stakeholders respond/talk back to these processes. He is committed to social justice research and pedagogies that center the realities, histories, and voices of marginalized communities, and has documented how this takes root in schools. He has published in the International Multilingual Research Journal, Review of Research in Education, and was a collaborator on Abriendo Brecha: Antología Crítica sobre la Educación Bilingüe de Doble Inmersión, the first edited book in Spanish about critical processes in Two-Way Bilingual Education. His dissertation, Two-way Immersion, Gentrification, and Critical Pedagogy: Teaching Against the Neoliberal Logic, earned first place in the 2018 Bilingual Education Research SIG of the American Educational Research Association. He was a fourth-grade bilingual teacher in El Paso, Texas and teacher educator at the University of Veracruz, México, before receiving his Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a specialty in Bilingual/Bicultural Education, while also earning a Graduate Portfolio in Mexican-American and Latin@ Studies from the University of Texas, Austin in 2017. 

Research and Specialties

Critical pedagogies in bilingual education; bilingual teacher preparation; impact of neoliberal processes on dual language bilingual education.

Recent Publications

  • Heiman, D., & Urrieta, L. ( 2019) Educación bilingüe crítica. In I. Villegas, G. Dietz, & M. Figueroa-Saavedra (Eds.), La traducción lingüística y cultural en los procesos educativos: Hacia un vocabulario interdisciplinar (pp. 111-133). Universidad Veracruzana, Dirección Editorial; Ciudad de México: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. DOI: 10.25009/uv.2091.1445
  • Heiman, D., & Urrieta, L. (2019). La cuarta meta de la educación bilingüe y la pedagogía crítica en los mundos figurados de la preparación de futurxs maestrxs bilingües.  Bilingual Review/Revista Bilingüe, 34(1), 36-56. 
  • Heiman, D., & Murakami, E. (2019). “It was like a magnet to bring people in”: School administrators’ responses to the gentrification of a two-way Bilingual Education (TWBE) program in central Texas. Journal of School Leadership, 29(6), 454-472. 
  • Heiman, D., González-Carriedo, R.  & DeVaughn, N. (2019). The Seal of Biliteracy. Texas Journal of Literacy Education, 7(1), 1-5.
  • Palmer, D., Cervantes-Soon, C., Dorner, L., & Heiman, D. (2019). Bilingualism, biliteracy, biculturalism, and critical consciousness for all: Proposing a fourth fundamental goal for two-way dual language education. Theory into Practice, 58(2), 121-133.
  • Heiman, D., & Yanes, M. (2018). Centering the fourth pillar in times of TWBE gentrification: “Spanish, love, content, not in that order.” International Multilingual Research Journal, 12(3), 173-187.