Leslie De Jones

Clinical Associate Professor
Leslie De Jones

Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Child and Family Resource Clinic

Welch Street Complex-2 150


I was born and raised in a small town in North Texas. After being the fourth generation of my family to graduate from the high school in our hometown, I enrolled as a student at Texas A&M University. From the moment I began working towards my degree in psychology, I knew I wanted to attend graduate school and become a counselor specializing in adolescents. While pursuing my master’s degree at the University of North Texas, I took my first course in play therapy. It was then that I found my true passion for counseling children and families. After working in a community agency that served children ages 7-17, I returned to the UNT doctoral program to broaden my skills and knowledge as a counselor and play therapist. During my doctoral program I discovered my love of teaching and the use of expressive arts in counseling. Becoming a counselor educator has allowed me to blend my passion for working with children and love of teaching together.

After completing my PhD, I taught at the University of Central Florida for 4 years. I was excited to join the UNT faculty in 2009. I teach master’s level clinical courses and serve as the advisor for the undergraduate counseling minor program. I also serve as Director of the program’s Counseling and Human Development Center. As Center Director, I coordinate the academic, logistical, ethical, and legal matters involved in the operation of an on-campus community mental health clinic.