We invite you to join us in an exciting new initiative in teacher preparation at UNT. PALS is focused on preparing teachers to Practice Activism in Literacy Teaching and STEM.

You have many options for completing your teacher preparation program at UNT. Choosing to enroll in the PAL option will not add any additional courses for you to complete that are not part of the regular program. You will graduate with the same credentials as the current program offered at UNT.

What will you experience as part of PAL Teaching? 

A Vision —  The PALS pathway is grounded in a commitment to preparing teachers as change agents in schools. We are not about preparing you to fit into existing systems. This path will use research to grow teaching practices that are more powerful in promoting agency, social consciousness, and the engagement of your radical imagination. This path will prepare you to serve children and youth in growing their radical imaginations. The program is open to students enrolled in the EC-6 ESL, EC-6 Bilingual, and Special Education certification programs.

A focus on Continuity, Relationships, and Deep Learning — The PALS pathway is organized around three semesters in a cadre (as contrasted with the current system of two semesters). The pathway is designed to engage you as a teacher from the very first day. We will work with you to build your understandings of teaching as we move through the program.

Embedded in Schools —  Our program will be located in Denton ISD with a home base at Ginnings Elementary School, our partner school. All of your classes will be taught at Ginnings with frequent opportunities to work with children as part of our program. We have a beautiful classroom!  We will also be working with other teachers in other Denton schools who are collaborating with us in the PALS pathway.

A Focus on Literacy — While the PALS pathway focuses on literacy, all areas of the curriculum are in focus for this program. We offer multiple opportunities for you to engage children and youth as literacy mentors, practicing your teaching in one-on-one and small group contexts. How better to prepare yourself as a teacher than to experience working with children as part of your teacher preparation program.

A Focus on Research —  From the very start of the PALS pathway, you will engage in your own research as a tool for learning. This is a dimension of teaching that will serve you well in your classroom and any future graduate studies you might pursue. You may also participate in research projects directed by faculty and doctoral students.

A Community —  You will be part of a cadre that starts in the Spring of 2020 and continues through graduation. You will work with the same group of UNT students, university faculty, and school-based educators throughout your program. The community support does not end with graduation. You will continue, as you move forward in your teaching career, to be connected to and working with the PALS pathway. This is an excellent opportunity to begin your professional network as you move into your first years of teaching.


Would you like to:

  • Have all of your field experiences and academic courses in Denton ISD? This is an excellent opportunity to practice teaching in local schools that serve minoritized communities.
  • Have your course textbooks provided at no cost and receive supplemental financial support for materials you use in teaching? There will be funding each semester to support the purchase of instructional materials for working in your mentoring experiences.
  • Join a learning community? Spend three semesters working with the same UNT students and faculty.
  • Earn a special certificate of completion and a personalized graduation cord? This certificate will acknowledge your completion of the PALs pathway which might be very useful on the job market where experiences in literacy teaching is highly valued. 
  • Take advantage of support opportunities during your first years of teaching? We will continue to work with you as you move into your first years of teaching.
  • Engage in research to grow your practices and be prepared for entry into graduate studies? You will be on a path toward entering a graduate program with the research experiences you have in the PALs pathway.