Bachelor of Science in Education

Early Childhood - Grade 6 with Science of Teaching Reading

The Early Childhood through Grade 6 with Science of Teaching Reading and English as a Second Language Supplemental Teacher Certification Program at the University of North Texas is designed for students whose goal is to become a teacher in classrooms from Pre-K through 6th grade. This certification path includes preparation in the Science of Teaching Reading, a new initiative in the State of Texas that prepares teachers to implement instruction in reading, especially with young learners. English as a Second Language courses develop knowledge and skills critical to the success of English Language Learners in today’s diverse classrooms.

The fully redesigned degree program associated with this certification features:

  • A program vision focuses on equity-oriented, anti-racist, and humanizing pedagogies as represented in a set of core commitments for both faculty and teacher candidates.
  • Opportunities for undergraduates to choose a specialization area. Specializations offer deep, focused exploration in an area of interest. Options include Early Childhood Education; Language, Literacy and Activism (ESL); Inclusive (SPED) Education; and Bilingual Education.
  • Begin foundational coursework in education earlier during Freshman and Sophomore years as students complete their general core requirements.
  • Expanded opportunities for field experiences in actual classrooms and a variety of learning contexts starting early in the program and continuing through clinical teaching.
  • Choose from an increased number of electives based on interest with courses designed to allow students to explore topics more deeply or to learn about new and exciting concepts.