New Faculty

Scholarship is enriched by the knowledge and interests of a diverse community. Exposure to the many perspectives of a broader group enhance individual experiences and challenge the status quo to be more creative and generate innovative thoughts and solutions to our teaching, research and service. The College of Education new faculty cohort will continue our tradition of excellence, drawing on their own breadth of experiences and interests to engage students in a dynamic and exciting learning environment.


  • Selcuk Acar

    Selcuk Acar

    Ph.D., 2013, The University of Georgia

    Associate Professor

    Educational Psychology

  • Austin R. Anderson

    Austin R. Anderson

    Ph.D., 2011, Indiana University

    Assistant Professor

    Recreation, Event and Sport Management

  • Dana D. Booker

    Dana D. Booker

    Ph.D. 2016, University of North Texas

    Senior Lecturer

    Educational Psychology

  • Lydia Caldwell

    Lydia Caldwell

    Ph.D. 2019, The Ohio State University

    Assistant Professor


  • Jason Chiang

    Jason Chiang

    Ph.D. 2018, Syracuse University

    Senior Lecturer

    Educational Psychology

  • Sarah Deemer

    Sarah Deemer

    Ph.D. 2017, Texas Woman’s University

    Assistant Professor


  • Wesley L. Edwards

    Wesley L. Edwards

    Ph.D., 2020, The University of Texas at Austin

    Assistant Professor

    Educational Leadership

  • Ruth McKoy Lowery

    Ruth McKoy Lowery

    Ph.D., 1998, The Pennsylvania State University

    Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Faculty Affairs

    Teacher Education and Administration

  • Hyun Kyong Ro

    Hyun Kyoung Ro

    Ph.D., 2011, The Pennsylvania State University

    Associate Professor

    Higher Education

  • Karen G. Rue

    Karen G. Rue

    Ed.D., 2002, Texas A&M University, College Station

    Executive in Residence

    Educational Leadership

  • Stephanie Silveira

    Stephanie L. Silveira

    Ph.D. 2018, University of Houston

    Assistant Professor