Counseling and Human Development Center

The Counseling and Human Development Center was established in 1987 to provide a wide range of affordable counseling services to individuals and families in Denton and surrounding areas. As a state-of-the-art educational facility, we are staffed by advanced master’s and doctoral student counselors who provide high-quality, confidential counseling services under the supervision of UNT Counseling Program Faculty.  Faculty supervisors are Licensed Professional Counselors and/or Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisors, and all services are offered in accordance with the highest ethical standards. 

Clinic Director

Kimberly King

Office Hours and Location

Monday - Wednesday 10:00 am - 8:30 pm
Thursday 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Welch Street Complex 2
425 S. Welch St.
Denton, TX 76203


  • Individual adult counseling
    • Counseling for personal or social concerns including relationships, depression, anxiety, grief, career, and life transitions.
  • Individual adolescent counseling
    • Activity and talk-based counseling for preteens and teenagers (ages 12-17) may focus on personal, social, career, and school concerns.
  • Career counseling
    • Career exploration includes exploring personal values, interests and abilities; identifying career goals; participating in career searches; and maneuvering through career transition.
  • Couples counseling
    • Couples counseling helps couples to develop communication and relationship skills for managing concerns and adjustments common in committed relationships. Premarital/preunion counseling also available.
  • Play therapy
    • Play therapy is provided for children 3 years and older, and parent consultations with counselor are included in services. Play therapy is designed to help children through transitions, grief, separation, academic, and social concerns.