Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education

Autism Intervention

Preparation to assume leadership roles in autism research, education, and training.  Graduates are equipped to provide effective leadership in autism programming and policy development and to conduct valid, empirical intervention-based research that will bridge existing research-to-practice gaps and improve outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

Broaden your understanding of behavior and its impact on learning, ecological assessment, issues and emerging trends, research and use of evidence-based practice, issues and practices in personnel development, and effective programs and program evaluation. Graduates assume positions in institutions of higher education and leadership roles in public and private schools.

Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Preparation to assume leadership roles in the area of mild/moderate disabilities research, education, and training that bridges existing research-to-practice gaps and improves outcomes for students with mild/moderate disabilities and their families. Graduates work as faculty members, administrators at the state and district level, in private schools, and for nonprofit agencies.

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology

Gifted and Talented Education

This concentration prepares students for a number of careers, including the professoriate, gifted and talented district program coordinator, curriculum specialist, and state education agency director, among others. This degree also provides students with a Graduate Academic Certificate in Gifted Education if requested and applied for.

Research, Measurement, and Statistics

With this degree, you will be able to gather, analyze, and judge empirical information to help inform research and policy, and will be prepared to emphasize research and data analysis in a range of settings, including universities, public and private schools, corporations, and governmental roles.

PsychoSocial Aspects of Sport and Exercise

Learn research design and methodology associated with the field of sport and exercise psychology, including Applied Sport Psychology, Health and Exercise Psychology, and Social Psychology of Sport. Students gain practical experience pertaining to intervention and program development, effectiveness, and evaluation in sport, exercise, physical rehabilitation, performing arts, and military environments.

Human Development and Family Science

Focuses on individual growth and development across the lifespan as well as interpersonal interactions within the family context ; this concentration also provides advanced study in developmental and family theory; social, emotional, and cognitive development; marriage and family relationships; and diversity in multiple forms and contexts.

Sport Pedagogy and Motor Behavior

Examines learning and teaching, the influence of policy, and program impact in physical education, physical activity and sport programs. Research in sport pedagogy aims to develop new knowledge that can improve learning and lifetime physical activity by enhancing the development of sport experiences for diverse populations in varied learning settings.