Mike Moses Chair in Educational Administration

The Mike Moses Endowment in Educational Leadership honors the significant role of UNT and school districts to focus on the research and preparation of outstanding educational leaders in the State and the Nation. Professor Elizabeth Murakami holds the Mike Moses Endowment in Educational Leadership position.

The position was funded by Donald A. Buchholz, a UNT alumnus and former member of the UNT Board of Regents. Buchholz also is the founder of Southwest Securities Inc., which supports several programs and scholarships at UNT's College of Education. The chair position is named for Mike Moses, who served as a Texas educator for more than 30 years. Moses was the Commissioner of Education for the state of Texas from 1995 through 1999, and once held the endowed position.

The purpose of the endowment is to elevate the work and visibility of UNT and area school districts’ leadership, increasing its visibility and dedication to schools and research. The endowment focuses on the college of education’s mission to develop the best area