Graduate Assistantships

A recipient of a teaching fellowship may serve as a teaching fellowteaching assistantresearch assistant, or graduate services assistant. Opportunities exist across a variety of instructional and research activities in health related fitness, physical activity, health promotion, and recreation.

Requirements and Responsibilities

Teaching Fellows are paid a stipend of approximately $12,000.00 - $15,000 for nine months (20-hour a week appointment). Summer appointments are often available. Teaching Fellows must be formally admitted to one of the Department's graduate programs prior to beginning a teaching fellowship and must enroll in a minimum of six hours of coursework in each of the fall and spring semesters.

Teaching Fellows are expected to contribute 20 hours per week for assignments, which will most likely include an assignment teaching four physical education activity courses plus attending training meetings, helping with student advisement, and other similar tasks as assigned.

Faculty meetings, seminars, designated work days, and in-service programs are scheduled regularly for the professional growth of the teaching fellows and faculty members. Attendance and participation in these professional growth opportunities are expected, should one receive a fellowship.

The combined load of teaching and enrollment may not exceed 13 semester credit hours except with special permission.

Current Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification is required. If you are not currently certified, this training will be provided at the expense of the KHPR Department. Appointees with current Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR Certification will be excused from part of the training.

The University of North Texas Teaching Excellence Handbook can be of extreme value.