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Developing professionals who help others reach their full potential through powerful learning, social-emotional wellness, physical health, and civic engagement.

University of North Texas Flowers


The Metroplex, Texas, the United States, and the world will pursue increasing numbers of our graduates as informed and thoughtful practitioners.

The people our students serve will become personally committed to the processes in which our students engage them, and client/student outcomes will inspire those who know them.

The work of those practitioners, and the policies needed to support them, will be understood by the general public and by policy makers.

Our faculty research will be influential and useful to both practitioners and other researchers in their areas of inquiry; our researchers will be widely recognized for their expertise.

The College of Education will be recognized for its excellence – in rankings and in the quality of students and faculty who seek to join us.

The College of Education will be sought out for advice and partnership, across the university, and by international and community organizations.

College of Education GraduationVALUES

Whole people – Though our particular specializations may focus on the body, on learning, or on emotional well-being, our research and practitioners serve individuals as whole people.

Wellness – Our research and practice with communities and individuals focuses on physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness across the lifespan and across domains of experience.

Lifelong learning – Formal learning experiences, like school or therapy, should prepare individuals to remain inquirers and learners across their lives.

Social connectedness – Individuals live, learn, and recreate in communities; our research and teaching should strengthen interpersonal bonds and social improvement.

Equity – People from all social groups should experience fairness, access, similar opportunities, and satisfactory outcomes in their quests for learning and health.

Innovation – We create worlds of innovators. Our research and teaching break with past practices to expand possibilities, the practitioners and researchers we prepare learn to innovate in their own work, and the people they serve, in turn, invent and advance new practices in their spheres of influence.