Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Hyanghee Lee

Dr. Hyanghee Lee is an Assistant Professor in the department of Educational Psychology. We sat down with her recently to talk more about her research. Check it out! 

Q: What is your main research focus? 
A: I study how internal family dynamics impact individual and family development trajectories. My current research program focuses on intergenerational continuity in parenting behaviors to explore the underlying mechanisms of why intergenerational continuity and discontinuity may be more or less likely to occur and what factors influence the level of continuity/discontinuity. Another line in my research program focuses on understanding trajectories of maladaptive behaviors (e.g., substance use) to best identify the timing and targets for intervention. For example, my recent study revealed that early school engagement is a viable target for early prevention of adolescent substance use.

Q: What do you have a background in?
A: I received all of my degrees (B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.) in Human Development and Family science. I was really drawn to the HDFS major when I was an undergraduate student because it helped me better understand myself, relationships, and well-being in a family context. As I pursued my Ph.D. and post-doctoral trainings, I appreciated the value of our discipline more, because of its ability of translating research findings into real-world applications (e.g., prevention and intervention programs). I look forward to continuously promoting our discipline and training our students here at UNT.

Q: What is the most profound thing you’ve learned in your research? 
A: Prevention/Intervention programs are not always equally beneficial for all participants. Much of the existing developmental and intervention research relies on the assumption that findings can be generalized to the full sample or population of interest; yet, I’ve learned that processes and effects differ for subgroups within the population. This is something I want to pursue in my research moving forward. I am interested in studying what programs work best for whom and in what context.

Q: What do you like about UNT? 
A: I really like the diverse body of students- It’s really fascinating to hear different languages while I walk around the campus. Also, everyone is very supportive and welcoming!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I love working out at the gym. I am really into running and weight lifting. Also, I love reading books from fictions to non-fictions.