Professor and Art Education student publish 'Behind My Mask' in English and Spanish

Book cover for Behind my mask
Book cover provided by Martha Samaniego Calderón.

Martha Samaniego Calderón, CVAD Art Education graduate student, and Daniel Heiman, assistant professor of bilingual education in the UNT College of Education, collaborated to publish Behind My Mask, Detras de me cubrebocas, a 36-page color resource book for children, teachers and parents. Written in English and Spanish, the book includes reflective activities about emotions and promotes the use of masks.

"We believe this has the potential to foment critical dialogue about a current reality that is presenting (especially Latinx) bilingual students, families, and communities with situations that impact their wellbeing, emotions, and identities," Calderón said. This is a pedagogical tool to engage bilingual youth in conversations around identity and emotions amidst the global pandemic in hopes that the book "will help readers know that their emotions are being acknowledged even if they are hidden behind a mask."