Mario David Sobrino

Assistant Professor

Counseling and Higher Education

Ph.D., 2023, University of Mississippi
Welch Street Complex 2 110

Mario D. Sobrino, Ph.D., is a first-year assistant professor of counseling at the University of North Texas. As a Latinx clinical mental health counselor, he began his counseling career in 2019 at a community health organization in Orlando, FL, serving a diverse, low-SES chronic illness population of English and Spanish speakers. His dissertation focused on developing and validating a Spanish translation for the Forgiveness Reconciliation Inventory, a clinical tool used to evaluate whether interpersonal or intrapersonal forgiveness would benefit a client experiencing distress from a current or past relationship. Now with a PhD and graduate minor in applied statistics from the University of Mississippi, Mario contributes to the development of multilingual resources, multicultural competencies, and access to mental health services through his research and teaching agendas.