• Paul Hons
    Director of the Office of Technology
  • Alecia Adams
    Administrative Coordinator II
  • Mark J Armstrong
    Senior Communications Specialist
  • Rhonda Arthur
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Sharla Baker
    Senior Administrative Specialist
  • Philippe Becerra
    Academic Counselor
  • John Bellon
    Assistant Director of Student Advising
  • Samantha Bergmann
    Assistant Professor of Behavior Analysis
  • Scrappy
    Enrollment Customer Service Representative
  • Andrea Black
    Administrative Coordinator I
  • Melissa Bowen
    Assistant Director, Training
  • Victor Brewer
    Academic Advisor
  • Jesse "Sonny" Brownlee
    Office Support Associate
  • Kevin Callahan
    Executive Director
  • Scrappy
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Scrappy
    Sr. Administrative Specialist
  • Kristi Cortez
    Behavior Analyst
  • Kacey Cousins
    Academic Counselor
  • RoyAnn Cox
    Administrative Specialist IV
  • Scrappy
    Office Support Assistant
  • Jill Denniston
    Certification Coordinator
  • Anita Deschner
    Program Project Specialist
  • Marilyn Deuble
    Sr. Student and Program Coordinator
  • Scrappy
    Student and Program Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Dracobly
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Renée Foster
    Senior College Recruiter for the College of Education
  • Paul Galloway
    Academic Advisor
  • Karen Goss
    Administrative Specialist III
  • Codi Guthrie
    Events Coordinator
  • Shaina Hanhart
    Senior Academic Advisor