By answering all of the questions that begin on this page, you will apply to all scholarships in the College of Education. Once you have completed the steps on the next few pages, the faculty will consider you for any scholarship for which you meet the criteria. Scholarships are awarded to students majoring within the College of Education on the basis of their educational and professional goals, academic success and financial need.

Please be sure that the email and phone contact information you provide on this application will allow us to reach you later in the Spring and over the Summer. 

Near the end of the application, candidates must submit a 500-word statement in response to this prompt:

Please tell us about the journey that has led you to your current major or program, the core values that guide your work in that area, and your plans for your future once you complete your degree. 

Some scholarships with specific criteria require an additional essay. You will be informed of the opportunity to write these additional essays at the end of this application, if you qualify as a candidate for those scholarships. When you get to that page, you can save your progress, write the essays, and when you come back to the COE scholarship website, the site will return you to the page where you left off so that you can upload the pdf or Word files. 

To learn about other scholarships offered outside the College of Education, visit the UNT Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.