Teacher Certification

The post-baccalaureate certification programs are for graduates who did not pursue education studies but want to become a teacher. These programs, which lead to teacher certification, are offered totally online except for the clinical practice component that is required by the Texas Education Agency. Courses from each of these programs may be applied to a master's degree program.

EC-6 Core Subjects with Supplemental ESL Certification

This program is for individuals who want to earn initial teacher certification to teach children, early-childhood through grade 6. These children may include those who can speak some English but are not proficient. The program prepares its graduates to be generalists in EC-6 education as well as ESL teachers.

EC-6 Core Subjects with Supplemental Bilingual Certification

This program is for individuals who want to earn initial teacher certification to teach in bilingual settings in EC-6 classrooms. In bilingual education, the child’s native language and English are both used for instruction in all or part of the school curriculum.

Secondary Education Certification

The Online Teacher Certification Program was designed for mature students who have a bachelor’s degree and want to earn initial secondary teacher certification at the graduate level.


Principal and Superintendent Certification

The Principal Certification Program is a 39-hour program, of which 36 hours can lead to a master of education degree. The Superintendent Certification program requires 15 hours of coursework, of which 12 hours can be applied to a doctoral degree in Education Leadership.

Superintendent Certification

The UNT/Hilltop Holdings Program provides high-quality, research-based preparation for top school leaders. The individuals tapped into this superintendency program by their mentor superintendents will have approximately half of their tuition reimbursed by a Hilltop Holdings scholarship when they pass the courses.

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Online Superintendent Certification

The Online Superintendent Certification Program was developed with ideas from our successful research based face-to-face program to provide a high-quality, research-based preparation for top school leaders. Online learning and access to current research based materials provide the flexibility today’s professionals need to become and remain the top leaders in their fields of interest while continuing to serve a district or community across the state or nation.

Principal Certification

The Principal as Instructional Leader program focuses on the skills required for campus-level and central office administration. Individuals may enroll in a program leading to the Texas Principal as Instructional Leader Certificate along with a Master of Education with a major in Educational Leadership. Those who already hold a master's degree may earn a principal's certificate without earning a second master's degree.