Higher Education — Community College Leadership

Graduate Academic Certificate program

Community colleges are facing an impending leadership crisis. The current generation of college presidents, senior administrators, and faculty leaders are retiring at a rapid rate. With the presidential median age of sixty as of 2012, 42 percent of presidents are expected to retire in the next five years. Upcoming retirements in leadership positions are projected to continue to be higher than normal as a generational change takes place.

This provides community colleges an opportunity to hire or promote energetic new academic and administrative leaders with new ideas and the right credentials that will help colleges respond to the increasing demands on higher education institutions.


  • Provide currently employed community college professionals who hold master's degrees a certificate that will add depth and breadth to their knowledge of community colleges.
  • Provide graduate-level professional development opportunities related to community college mission, finance and administration, leadership, economic and community development, teaching and learning, and contemporary issues.