Counseling Program Mission

The UNT Counseling Program promotes human development through education, research, and service that advance the profession of, and scholarship in, counseling.

  • A girl draws with chalk while talking with a UNT counselor. Through education, the Program prepares highly competent counseling professionals – including counseling associates, entry and advanced level counselors, counselor educators, counselor supervisors, counseling researchers, and counseling administrators – for work in schools, communities, colleges, business, and industry.
  • Through research, the Program creates, applies, and disseminates innovative knowledge, especially in the area of counseling for holistic wellness with at-risk and diverse populations.
  • Through service, the Program provides humanitarian assistance to academic, professional, and public communities, including volunteer counseling services to the public.

Counseling Program Vision

We aspire to create a student-centered program that models healthy relationships and pursues a collective purpose based on the values of diversity, transparency, integrity, and community engagement. Through maintaining and building on current program strengths, our program will cultivate leaders who positively impact clients, students, and the counseling profession—and, thereby, all humanity.