EC-6 Core Subjects with Supplemental ESL Certification

Post-Baccalaureate Certification

You do not need to speak a second language to teach in an ESL classroom setting. With this certificate you can teach in a mainstream EC-6 class as well as in an ESL classroom.

This post-baccalaureate teacher certification program is designed for individuals who want to earn initial teacher certification to teach children, early-childhood through grade 6. These children may include those who can speak some English but are not proficient in English, which is not their native language.  The program prepares its graduates to be generalists in EC-6 education as well as ESL teachers.

This is a 24-hour program equivalent to eight courses. Of those 24 hours, 18 hours (6 courses) are online coursework, and the remaining 6 hours (2 courses) are either student teaching or practicum. Students in this program may count a number of courses toward a MEd in Teaching if they apply to and are accepted into that degree program.