Special Education - Educational Diagnostician

Graduate online program offered by the College of Education

Learn to assess and diagnose the special learning needs of students using a variety of standardized assessments and curriculum based assessments; provide consultation and prevention and intervention strategies within an educational setting. Graduates are employed as Educational Diagnosticians or teachers who are qualified to address assessment issues in the classroom.

The College of Education offers an Educational Diagnostician Certification for candidates who already hold a master’s degree. This certification is designed for students who want to be employed as an Educational Diagnostician or for teachers who are interested in assessment issues in the classroom. A focus of this concentration is on Curriculum Based Assessment and the implications it holds for teachers making curricular decisions. In addition, upon completion of the certification requirements, students will be certified to administer standardized tests including the WISC, WIAT, WJ-COG, WJ-ACH, KTEA, KABC, Stanford Binet and various other individual measurements.

This is a certification program, not a Graduate Academic Certificate.  The application procedures for students seeking certification only are the same as for students seeking MEd with certification.  


  • Brenda L. Barrio
  • Miriam Chacon Boesch
  • Pamela Peak
  • Melissa Savage