Special Education – Educational Diagnostician

Graduate online program offered by the College of Education

With the Master of Education in Special Education with the Educational Diagnostician concentration, students learn to assess and diagnose the special learning needs of students using a variety of standardized assessments and curriculum-based assessments; provide consultation and prevention and intervention strategies within an educational setting. Graduates are employed as Educational Diagnosticians or teachers who are qualified to address assessment issues in the classroom.

We have five start dates throughout the year. The start dates vary slightly by year, but they are generally around mid-January, mid-March, May, August, and mid-October. March 21st is our next start date, and the summer session for Spring 2022 begins on May 16th. Our Fall 2022 October start dates are August 29th and October 24th. Most courses for the diagnostician program are in an Accelerated Online Program (AOP) format. Courses offered in the Fall and Spring will be taught in eight-week sessions (8W1 or 8W2) each semester. Courses offered in summer are offered in five-week or ten-week sessions (5W1, 5W2, or 10W). Internship and practicum courses, however, will still last the full term. All courses will be online-only.

Our summer-to-summer option allows you to complete all degree requirements for the diagnostician program in 15 months. Students can also begin the program in the fall or spring, but due to course rotation, it will take closer to two years to complete all required coursework. The Graduate School’s deadlines are April 15 for the summer, June 15 for the fall, and October 15 for spring.

Top 3 Careers

  • Educational Diagnostician
  • ARD Facilitator
  • Special Education Teacher

How it Works

  • ​33-hour Master of Education Degree in Special Education
  • Course schedule rotates throughout fall, summer and spring with courses offered each semester
  • Begin one summer and graduate the next summer, or go at a slower pace


  • Brenda L. Barrio
  • Miriam Chacon Boesch
  • Pamela Peak
  • Melissa Savage