The Educator Preparation Office at the University of North Texas is committed to excellence and continuous improvement of our programs.  We achieve that continuous improvement by engaging in short-cycle review of key measures, and increased engagement of our faculty in this process. This also relates to our desire to monitor students' progress more closely and offer additional support as they progress through each stage of their program, from admission to induction. 

We are accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

The Educator Preparation Office regularly collects and analyzes data from a variety of stakeholders including students, alumni, faculty and employers.  This is combined with state and national data to identify patterns and inform program improvements.  Links to the most current data are found below.



TEA Accreditation

The Texas Education Agency Division of Educator Standards, Testing, and Preparation monitors and supports Educator Preparation Programs for quality. EPPs are responsible for implementing current rules, content, and best practices as they prepare future educators. Providing a quality education for all Texas children requires partnerships between TEA, EPP providers, public and private schools, institutions of higher education, and the community. The TEA ensures that the state's EPPs are high-quality institutions that recruit and prepare qualified educators to meet the needs of all learners in today's and tomorrow's Texas classrooms.  TEA reviews every EPP at least once every five years in accordance with 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) ยง228.10(b).