Master of Education in Teaching – Elementary Education

Graduate online program offered by the College of Education

The Master of Education in Teaching examines the application of theory to instructional practice, classroom organization, curriculum development, public education and successful teaching practices for regular, special education and bilingual learners.

This program consists of 36 semester credit hours and offers specializations in ESL Supplemental and bilingual generalist for EC-6 Elementary Education.

How it Works

The Master of Education with a major in teaching requires 36 semester credit hours, with:

  • 12 hours of core courses in education

  • 12 hours in a specialization

  • 6 hours of education foundations and/or pedagogy courses

  • 6 hours of student teaching or internship/practicum (not online)

Of the 36 hours required, 24 hours overlap with requirements for the EC–6 post-baccalaureate certification-only program, and 18 hours overlap with requirements for the 4–8 or secondary post-baccalaureate certification-only program.


  • Karthigeyan Subramaniam