Doctoral student spotlight: Kimberly Mosley, M.Ed., J.D.

Kimberly Mosley, M.Ed., J.D. is an educator, advocate, and researcher who is committed to facilitating in-depth, global understanding and support of neurodiverse families. In her many roles and diverse experiences, Kimberly attributes her passion to training received in law school, which taught her the art of advocacy and effective communication; her career as an educator, which exposed her to diverse learners and families; and her role as a wife and mother of neurodiverse children (autism and giftedness), which drives her dedication to ensure that everyone has opportunities to thrive in life. As a Human Development and Family Science doctoral student in the Educational Psychology department here at UNT Kimberly continues to strengthen her knowledge of research, cognition, and human development, with an overall aim to spread neurodiversity awareness through the establishment of effective interventions and supports. Kimberly hopes to achieve a deeper level of mutual understanding within global communities of what it means to live with neurodiverse conditions, including autism and giftedness, and how societal perceptions of neurodiversity impact human interactions. She is a current Fulbright alternate looking to study neurodiversity abroad. True acknowledgement and understanding of neurodiverse perceptions establishes a trajectory of positive developmental outcomes for neurodiverse individuals, their families, and communities throughout the world. Academic and non-academic audiences can apply this understanding to efforts directed towards more respect for diversity, equitable access to education and healthcare, and inclusion of diverse experiences across all sectors of global societies.