Opening Fall Meeting 2023

The College of Education held our annual Opening Fall Meeting where staff and faculty from the entire college came together. Each of the department chairs introduced new faculty and staff in each department. Dr. McFarlin spoke about the college's grant status and future growth.


Dean Bomer announced the annual faculty and staff awards:

Faculty Service Excellence Award- Dr. Selcuk Acar
Teaching Excellence Award- Dr. Uyen Tran-Parsons
Faculty Research Excellence Award- Dr. Tao Zhang
Outstanding Lecturer Award- Dr. Jeannette Ginther
Outstanding Staff Contribution Award- Stanley Sam

Overall, it was a great event to meet with fellow colleagues and share hopes for the upcoming semester.

Dr. Selcuk Acar Dr. Uyen Tran-Parsons

Dr. Jeannette Ginther

Dr. Tao Zhang Stanley Sam