Karisma Morton

Assistant Professor
Karisma Morton

Teacher Education and Administration

Ph.D. 2017, The University of Texas at Austin
Matthews Hall 205-E

Karisma Morton is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education. Her research explores inequality in mathematics education, particularly for minoritized students. Central to her research is a focus on gender and race/ethnicity, as well as their intersection, with the recognition that the specific experiences of certain race/ethnicity-gender groups (e.g., Black males) cannot be captured by looking at race/ethnicity and gender separately. Her research is composed of two strands of inquiry. The first focuses on examining inequalities in students’ opportunities to learn mathematics through quantitative analyses of large-scale district and national datasets. The second strand of inquiry explores the impact of well-designed and reform-based mathematics curriculum and pedagogy for promoting mathematical literacy for all students. When exploring these strands, Karisma is particularly interested in the influence of school context (e.g., school racial/ethnic composition) on learning opportunities, experiences and outcomes. Much of Morton's interest in inequality in mathematics education stems from her ten years as a high school mathematics teacher in a Title I school serving a predominantly Black and Latinx student population.