Bachelor of Science in Education

Special Education

The Bachelor of Science in Education with certification in Special Education results in both Early Childhood through Grade 6 and All-Level Special Education certification. Coursework and field experiences orient students to the historical foundations of special education, explore current knowledge of innovative instructional techniques, and prepare future teachers to employ evidence-based practices to support students with disabilities.

UNT’s Special Education program emphasizes strengths-based and culturally responsive practices and is committed to changing perspectives on “dis”/abilities to prepare future special educators who intentionally support learners by building learning on what is possible for each individual. Coursework and experiences develop critical perspectives and knowledge necessary to determine students’ strengths and needs, and to individualize curriculum to accommodate and modify instruction based on learner characteristics. Additionally, students develop skills to promote positive collaboration with parents and other professionals to enhance the lives of children and youth with disabilities across their life span.

As part of the coursework for the Special Education Certification, students will have experiential and practical opportunities in classrooms and communities to enhance the understanding and skills of future teachers. Course topics include: 

  • Educational Aspects of Exceptional Learners
  • Educational Assessments and Evaluation of Exceptional Learners
  • Advanced Educational Strategies for Exceptional Learners
  • Classroom and Behavioral Management Strategies for Exceptional Learners
  • Strategies to Support Diverse Learners in General Education
  • Transition Education and Services for Exceptional Learners