Texas HIPPY COVID-19 Planning Grant

The COVID-19 pandemic has create a context in which both delivery of HIPPY home visits, support of families, support of home visitors, and work with the 11 HIPPY sites has changed. The pandemic response provides opportunity to examine what the Texas HIPPY State Office can do to support AmeriCorp members during times of disasters. This grant proposal responds to OneStar's COVID-19 Planning Grant call for proposals. In response to the current disaster and to support sites in response to other potential disasters, this proposal requests support for three planning activities. The first is for planning and developing a reflective supervision component that provides opportunity for home visitors to acknowledge and work through challenges experienced in the face of being support resources for families during a time of crisis. The second is to provide on-line, on-site professional development Modules that help to introduce skills needed to respond during times of crisis. The third is to explore possible alternative assessments to identify possible alternative assessments of program outcomes when face-to-face assessments are not possible.


Principal Investigators

  • Wendy Middlemiss