Educator Certification

To obtain an initial classroom teacher certificate, student services certificate, or administrator certificate in Texas, students must complete an approved Educator Preparation Program; along with other state requirements. UNT students seeking certification in Texas must submit an online application for certification directly to the Texas Education Agency after completing program, university, and state requirements.

The College of Education Certification Office oversees all UNT recommendations for educator certification, which are submitted to the Texas Education Agency, so UNT students may become certified educators in Texas.


Mailing address:

1155 Union Circle, #311337
Denton, TX  76203-5017



Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I be recommended for certification before I apply to the Texas Education Agency?
      It is your application to the TEA that initiates the recommendation process. UNT cannot submit a recommendation for certification until after you apply online to the TEA. If you never apply for certification, UNT can never recommend you and you will not be certified.
    • Do I need to contact UNT to make sure my application was received?

      UNT is able to view your application once you have submitted it to the TEA. UNT will contact you via email if there is something wrong with your application (i.e. you selected the incorrect UNT option from the recommending entity drop-down menu or you haven't passed all required TExES exams) or if we need additional information. It's important for you to make sure the email address listed on your TEAL account is one you check frequently.

      Note: If you select any option other than "University of North Texas" from the recommending entity drop-down menu, then UNT will not receive your application, and we are unable to view your application because it went to another entity. For example, if you select University of North Texas-Dallas as your recommending entity, then your application will go to the UNT-Dallas campus. UNT cannot transfer applications or view applications sent to other entities. Applicants must check their own application for accuracy.

    • I've already been fingerprinted by a school district. Will I have to complete fingerprinting again? The TEA website doesn’t give me the option to pay the fingerprinting fee, and why does my fingerprint status say "Fingerprint in Progress"?

      Unless you were previously fingerprinted by a school district, fingerprinting is part of the certification process and is completed after you apply to the TEA for educator certification.

      It is your application for educator certification that prompts the TEA system to check for any valid fingerprints in their system. Therefore, if you were previously fingerprinted, valid fingerprint results do not appear on your TEA account until after you apply for educator certification. If you apply for educator certification and your Fingerprint Status immediately shows as “Fingerprint in Progress” or the TEA system does not give you the option to pay the fingerprint fee, then it’s likely you already have fingerprint results in the TEA system and your results are in process of being linked to your TEA application for educator certification. Any valid fingerprint results will appear within 48 hours after submitting your application for educator certification to the TEA.

      You can check the Fingerprint Status tab in your TEA account (blue screen) for any acceptable fingerprints. You may also contact the Fingerprinting Division of the Texas Education Agency via the TEA Help Desk to confirm any valid fingerprint results with the state. UNT is not involved in the fingerprint process, nor does UNT receive fingerprinting results. Please contact TEA directly if you have questions regarding fingerprint requirements.

      For detailed fingerprinting information, visit TEA Fingerprinting for Certificate Applicants. Read the information on this page and watch the Video Tutorial: The Fingerprinting Process for Texas Educator Certification Applicants.

    • What happens after I submit my online application for certification to the Texas Education Agency?

      You will receive a system-generated email from the TEA confirming your submitted application.

      UNT will submit your recommendation for certification to the TEA after verifying successful completion of all college, university, and state requirements. If you recently graduated with a degree that is required for certification, your degree must post to your UNT transcript before you can be recommended for certification.

    • When will I be recommended for educator certification by UNT?

      Applications for certification are reviewed and processed in the order they are received, and are closely monitored for certification eligibility. UNT will recommend a candidate to the TEA for educator certification after verifying completion of all program, university, and state requirements.

      If you recently graduated with a degree that is required for certification, your degree must post to your UNT transcript before you can be recommended for certification. It may take up to 4 weeks after graduation for a degree to post to an official UNT transcript. Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions regarding the posting of a degree.

      Students should wait 48 business hours after their degree has posted before contacting the College of Education for their recommendation status. It is likely your recommendation for educator certification will be submitted within this time.

    • How soon after being recommended by UNT will my certificate post to my online TEA educator account?
      If fingerprinting is complete, background check is clear, and all fees have been paid, the certificate(s) will issue immediately.
    • Can my recommendation be expedited?
      Unfortunately, no. Recommendations for certification are already processed as soon as possible and with urgency. Applications for certification are closely monitored for certification eligibility, and the College of Education submits all recommendations for teacher certification in a timely manner.
    • Will I be notified when I've been recommended for certification?
      The TEA will send a system-generated confirmation email once you have been recommended by UNT. This email is sent to the email address you listed on your TEAL account, so make sure it's one you check frequently.
    • Can I be recommended for a certificate other than the certificate I am seeking through UNT?

      Per state policy, UNT can only recommend you for certification in the content area and grade level in which you were prepared by UNT.

      Students seeking dual certificates (e.g. Core Subject EC-6 with ESL/Bilingual Supplemental, Core Subjects EC-6 with Special Education EC-12, Math 4-8 with ESL, Science 4-8 with ESL, ELAR 4-8 with ESL, Social Studies 4-8 with ESL, etc.) must pass ALL required TExES exams, a minimum of three TExES exams, in order to be recommended for certification by UNT.

    • Additional Certification by Examination.
      Per state policy, UNT can only grant test approval in the content area and grade level in which you were prepared by UNT. Once you hold a valid Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree, you may add additional classroom teaching certificate(s) through the Additional Certification by Examination application option. Additional Certification by Examination is a process entirely between the applicant and the TEA. Therefore, applicants work directly with the TEA during this process. Visit the Texas Education Agency website for more information.
    • Why should I apply for certification if I don’t plan on teaching right away?
      The state of Texas is continuously updating available educator certificates and the requirements for each certificate. If your certification program, certificate, or TExES exam(s) no longer exist when you apply for certification, you will be required to complete additional coursework and/or testing in order to meet current state educator certification requirements and be eligible for certification in Texas.