Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Teacher Education and Administration provides graduate assistantships on a competitive basis to full-time doctoral students. To qualify, students must be enrolled in a minimum or nine semester credit hours during the term they hold an appointment. Their assigned duties for a semester require twenty hours of work per week, which in most cases means teaching two undergraduate classes. However, some graduate assistants serve as teaching assistants or research assistants for faculty. Since graduate assistants are full time at the university (half for their coursework and half for their assistantship responsibilities), they cannot be employed elsewhere.

The current pay scale is $7,540 per fall or spring semester ($15,080 per academic year) for assistants who are taking courses in their program. With written approval, the minimum number of hours for course load is reduced to three semester hours for students who have filed an approved degree plan, have completed all course work, have passed their qualifying examinations or papers, and are registered for the dissertation. The current pay scale for these dissertation writing students is $8,671 per fall or spring semester ($17,342 per academic year). To be eligible for this pay scale, students must pass their exams or papers prior to the fall semester. Assistants who hold a full appointment of 20 hours a week are eligible to participate in the university’s group insurance program.

Graduate assistantships continue until graduation if students maintain high performance in their academics and their teaching and/or research responsibilities, and make satisfactory performance toward the completion of their degree.

If you would like to apply for an assistantship, please fill out the application and send it along with your curriculum vitae by April 1for the fall semester, or November 1 for the spring semester.