TExES 4-8 Flight Plan

Texas Certification Requirements

  • Complete all coursework/student teaching
  • Grades officially posted to transcript
  • Bachelor’s Degree officially posted to transcript 
  • Pass all required certification exams
    • 4-8 Content Exam
    • Science of Teaching Reading (ELAR ONLY)
    • PPR EC-12
    • ESL Supplemental (Undergrads only)
  • Apply for certification through TEA at the end of your final semester and complete finger-printing
  • Pay all applicable fees

TExES Flight Plan Checklist

☐ Admission to Teacher Education Program

☐ Take Practice TExES Exams

☐ Complete content coursework

☐ Pass Real TExES Exams

☐ Clinical Practice / Student Teaching

☐ Graduation

☐ Apply for Certification/Pay Fees/Fingerprinting

☐ Recommended for Certification by UNT

☐ Issued Teaching Certificate by TEA

Study Tips

  1. Download the preparation manual for your exam at http://www.tx.nesinc.com under the “Prepare” menu and familiarize yourself with the content covered in each domain and competency on your exam.
  2. Ask yourself, “How well do I know the content?” Using a Likert Scale of 0—5, where 0 is not at all and 5 is Very Well, rate your confidence for each domain and competency.
  3. Determine what resources and materials you already have on hand to help you study for this content. Then, determine what you might need to help you study (Flashcards? Practice Exams? A study group?) . Begin acquiring the materials you need!
  4. Establish study deadlines for yourself and focus your studying on the areas you feel least confident with.
  5. Take a practice exam prior to your actual test! This will help you get an idea of what the test will look like and will also give you an idea of what areas you still need to focus on. While passing a practice exam is not a guarantee that you will successfully pass the actual exam, it is a good measure of your knowledge, and can be used to help guide your studying even further!
  6. Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before you take your exam and skip the morning coffee. Try eating a banana or dark chocolate instead to fuel your mind and body.
  7. Relax and be confident!! Don’t second guess yourself!

Practice TExES Exams

UNT offers free practice exams for students who have been admitted to Teacher Education.

View our practice exam schedule and sign up online at https://coe.unt.edu/texes

TExES Flight Plan

Scrappy wearing a green UNT sweater with a sign for the TExES Success Office.

Education 4-8 Studies

  • ELAR 4-8
  • Math 4-8
  • Science 4-8
  • Social Studies 4-8
TExES Success Office
Matthews Hall, Room 119F
940-369-8601 ph. • 940-565-2921 fax

Texas Exam Requirements

English Language and Reading 4-8

  1. ELAR 4-8 (217)
  2. Science of Teaching Reading (293)
  3. ESL Supplemental (154)
  4. PPR EC-12 (160)

Mathematics 4-8

  1. Mathematics 4-8 (115)
  2. ESL Supplemental (154)
  3. PPR EC-12 (160)

Science 4-8

  1. Science 4-8 (116)
  2. ESL Supplemental (154)
  3. PPR EC-12 (160)

Social Studies 4-8

  1. Social Studies 4-8 (118)
  2. ESL Supplemental (154)
  3. PPR EC-12 (160)

Testing Sequence and Deadlines


  • ELAR & Social Studies 4-8: Take your content and ESL practice exams PRIOR TO PDS 1/Block B. 
  • Math 4-8 & Science 4-8: Take your content and ESL practice exam during Observations courses. 
  • ELAR 4-8: Take the Science of Teaching Reading practice exam at the end of PDS1/Block B.


  • Pass your content and ESL supplemental PRIOR TO Clinical Teaching.
    - Deadline for Fall Clinical Teaching: July 15th
    - Deadline for Spring Clinical Teaching: Dec 1st
  • Pass remaining exams DURING Clinical Teaching. 
    - PPR EC-12 for all candidates
    - STR for ELAR 4-8 candidates

TEAL Account and Exam Registration

Every student who is admitted to the Teacher Education program must create an Educator Profile (TEAL) through the Texas Education Agency, as well as a testing account with Pearson. Instructions can be found under the Getting Started menu at https://coe.unt.edu/texes.

Step 1—TEAL Account

Educator Profile (for Certification)


Apply for certification through your TEAL account at the end of your program, after completing student teaching and pass all required certification exams.

Step 2—Testing Account

Pearson Testing Account (Exam Registration)


To register for certification exams, go to the Pearson website, click Register and log into your testing account. Be sure to check appointment availability before paying.

Study Materials and Resources

UNT Student with a laptop.
  • Test Prep Resources — Preparation manuals, tutorials and other materials to help you prepare for your exams. (http://www.tx.nesinc.com)
  • Interactive Practice Exam — Full-length practice test. (http:// www.tx.nesinc.com)
  • Certify Teacher— Offers access to interactive practice exams to UNT students for a discounted price. Stu- dents must 1.) sign up using their UNT email address 2.) agree to be added to the control panel and 3.) use the promo code UNT4728 to receive the discount. (http://www.certifyteacher.com)
  • 240 Tutoring – Provides in-depth review, flashcards, and interactive practice questions. Email COE- TSO@unt.edu for discounted rate. (http://www.240tutoring.com)
  • Search Quizlet.com for the name of your exam to find free flashcards and other materials others have used to help prepare for the TExES exams.
  • You may also want to purchase study materials from one of the following reputable companies:
  • T-CERT – Online modules that contain documents and handouts, videos, practice questions, and more. (https://pact.tarleton.edu/TCERT/index.cfm)
  • Visit the TExES Success Office website for a complete list of suggested resources: (https://coe.unt.edu/educator-preparation-office/texes)