TExES & AAFCS Exam Registration Guide

Before You Register

All candidates must ensure they have established their TEAL Educator Account prior to registering for their TExES certification exam(s). Please see our TEAL Educator Account Setup instructions in the Getting Started menu if you have not already done this.

Candidates who have legally changed their name since creating their TEAL Educator Account should submit a Name Change Request to TEA before registering for their certification exam(s). Please wait for confirmation from the Texas Education Agency that your name has been updated before proceeding. If your name does not match between your ID and your registration, you will not be allowed to test and will not receive a refund.

Create Your Testing Account

  1. In order to register for your exams, you must create an account and establish your own login information. Please use a PERMANENT email address (such as gmail or yahoo), not your UNT email address.  You will use this login information for each TExES exam you plan to register for.  Write down the email address and password you used in a secure location. Click next to continue.
  2. On the following screen, you will enter the TEA ID number issued to you by the Texas Education Agency. This number can be found by logging into your TEAL Educator Account and locating the number listed beneath the View My Educator Certification Account link. Enter your First and Last Name exactly as it is listed in your TEAL Educator Account, then enter your date of birth. Click Next.
  3. Verify your information if prompted. Be sure you have entered your TEA ID number, name, and date of birth accurately, then click Submit. You may wish to write down your login email address, password, and customer ID number in a secure location.

Finding Test Dates and Locations

You can check appointment availability by clicking on Exams from the blue menu bar at the top of the screen, then selecting TExES™

  1. Locate and select your exam (in alphabetical order)
  2. Locate the Exam Dates section on the page. 
  3. Click on "Check appointment availability". 
  4. A new window will open where you can select your exam from the list or type in the name of your exam (ex. Core Subjects EC-6) and select ‘Go’. 
  5. Click Next, then type in a zip code you wish to test near. 
  6. When the results display, you can select up to three locations to view their calendar and compare dates. Click ‘Next’ after you’ve selected up to three locations. 
  7. You can advance through each test center’s calendar to see exam availability.  If no appointments are available, the slot will be grayed out. You can click on available dates to see what times the exam is offered. Some sites will offer multiple options, some will be limited to AM or PM only.
    **NOTE: UNT is now approved to offer the real TExES certification exams. The testing center is located in the Gateway Center off Eagle and North Texas Blvd. Do not come to the TExES Office for your real exam or you will have to run across campus to make it on time to your appointment.**
  8. Make sure there is a day, time, and location that will work with your schedule before you register for your exam(s).
  9. Close the appointment finder window to return to your Pearson account.

Register For Your Exam

  1. Click on Register from your Pearson login screen, or from the blue menu bar along the top of the page. Select the TExES exam you wish to take and click Add, then click Next. **DO NOT SELECT FROM THE PACT EXAM OPTIONS. Your available TExES exams will appear at the top of the menu under the TExES heading. If no exams appear available, contact the TExES Office at COE-TSO@unt.edu.**
  2. Determine whether or not you plan to request alternative testing arrangements, and select the appropriate option. Examinees who have a documented physical, learning, or cognitive disability may be eligible for alternative testing arrangements. Please be sure to read the Alternative Testing Arrangements policy and procedures. Students should plan submit their own request form and documentation when requesting alternative arrangements. Note: The following do not need prior approval to receive accommodations: wheelchair access, access to visual enhancement features including color contrast and enlarged font, comfort aids (see approved list here), breaks to use the restroom, take medications, use an inhaler, etc. Click Next.
  3. Review the period for which your registration is valid. Tests may be scheduled at any time within the 170-day period. Exams that are not scheduled during this time are not eligible for a refund. The day that you pay for the exam begins the 170-day period. Click Next.
  4. Answer the background questions. These questions are required and only used for the purpose of evaluating exam questions. Click Next.
  5. Select your score reporting option. If you chose not to have your scores reported via email, you will not be notified when your scores are available and will have to log into your TEAL Educator or Pearson Testing account to view your results. It is recommended you have your scores sent via email. Click Next.
  6. Submit your payment. Be aware that there is a convenience fee added into the exam price. Click Check out and follow the instructions to enter your payment information. You will not be able to schedule your exam until you have submitted payment.

Schedule Your Exam

  1. Schedule your test appointment. Select Schedule in your Pearson testing account and locate the exam(s) you have paid for. UNT recommends that candidates do not schedule back-to-back (consecutive) exam appointments on the same day. Click Proceed to Scheduling.
  2. Locate a test center. Enter a zip code or city that is convenient for you. If you have already checked the appointment availability calendar before registering for your exam, select the center who had the desired appointment date and time. If you did not check the appointment availability calendar, enter a zip code you wish to test close to.
    **NOTE: UNT is now approved to offer the real TExES certification exams. The testing center is located in the Gateway Center off Eagle and North Texas Blvd. Do not come to the TExES Office for your real exam or you will have to run across campus to make it on time to your appointment.**
  3. Search available appointment dates. You can search for a specific date or opt to see the full calendar for your selected center(s). It often works best if you chose the “Show me a calendar of available dates” option.
  4. Choose your location, date, and time. Select from the list of available dates and times for your desired location.
  5. Finalize your selection and check out. Once you choose your location, date, and time, you can schedule your test and proceed to check out. There is no payment required for this step.
  6. Confirm your information and review testing policies. Be sure your personal information matches exactly what is on your ID. If you have a different last name on your driver’s license, do not confirm your appointment until you have submitted a name change request with TEA. Once you have confirmed and submitted your order, your exam will officially be scheduled.
  7. Save your confirmation. You will receive an email confirming your appointment date, time, and test center location. You may also view this information in your Pearson testing account at any time. Admission tickets are not required at the test center; your confirmation email is for your reference.

Test Day Tips

  1. Know where you’re going. Be sure you have directions to the testing center, and are familiar with where to park before the day of your exam.
  2. Arrive Early. You should plan to arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes early to complete the check-in procedures. Identify yourself to the proctor and tell them what exam you are taking.
  3. Have valid identification. You must bring two pieces of original (no photocopies) and valid identification, printed in English, with the name you registered with. If your name does not exactly match your ID, the testing center will not allow you to test, and you will not be issued a refund. Your ID must contain your name, a recent photograph, and your signature. Your primary ID must be a valid driver’s license, state identification card, military identification card, or passport. Your supplemental ID may be any original and valid identification that has your name, photograph, and signature. Do not use your UNT ID for your identification unless the testing center says that you can. Call the testing center directly to find out what they will accept as a supplemental ID. Their phone number should be listed on your exam confirmation. 
  4. Leave study materials in the car. Do not take any study materials into the test center with you, they are prohibited.
  5. Personal items. All personal items, such as cell phones, electronic devices, jewelry, watches, unapproved calculators, notes, wallets, purses, bags, hats or headwear (other than those worn for religious or medical purposes), food, drink, aids (such as highlighters, rulers, etc.), and unauthorized medical devises must be stored in a locker outside of the testing room for the duration of your exam. It is best to take as few items as possible into the testing center. Lock things in your car if possible, or leave them at home.
  6. Security screening. The proctor may ask to inspect your eyeglasses or may ask you to turn your pockets out for the purpose of security. Some centers have wands or other screening tools they may ask you to partake in for the sake of security. If you are wearing a hijab or other head covering, you may be asked to briefly remove your covering for inspection. Please contact your test center location if you have questions or concerns about their security and screening policies.
    NOTE: The security screening can be alarming and distressing if you are not prepared for it. Oftentimes it can feel like going through a security checkpoint at the airport. Please understand that you are not being singled out by the proctor, and that all persons entering the testing room must submit to the security screening.