James Hoffman

Meadows Chair in Educational Excellence
James Hoffman

Meadows Chair for Excellence in Education

Ph.D., The University of Missouri at Kansas City
Matthews Hall 205-G

James Hoffman is a Professor of Language and Literacy at The University of North Texas and currently serves as the Meadows Chair for Excellence in Education. Dr. Hoffman is a former editor of The Reading Research Quarterly and The Yearbook of the National Reading Conference. He has served as President of the National Reading Conference and as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association. Dr. Hoffman was an affiliated scholar with both the National Reading Research Center and the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement. He was elected to the Reading Hall of Fame in 2002 and served as President of this organization from 2008-2010. Dr. Hoffman served as the chair for the International Reading Association’s Commission and the “Prepared to Make a Difference” research project. He has been active in international literacy projects in Central American, Africa and Asia. This past year he was awarded the Oscar Causey lifetime achievement award for research in literacy by the Literacy Research Association. The primary focus for his research has been on teaching and teacher preparation. Dr. Hoffman has published more than 150 articles, books and chapters on literacy related topics.