RuthAnn Robbins

RuthAnn Robbins

Teacher Education and Administration

Matthews Hall 204-D

Ruth Ann Robbins is originally from the state of Mississippi. She is the mother of two lovely children who have been the joy of her life. She has served as a classroom teacher, building administrator, central office administrator and director of elementary and federal programs. The programs included gifted, homeless, ESL, professional development, and curriculum PK-6. She is a self motivated professional with more than 20 years of experience providing support for students, parents, teachers and the community by implementing efficient educational practices.  Mrs. Robbins has provided leadership skills in various schools and districts by initiating and supporting the development of curriculum planning, curriculum implementation, time management strategies, behavior management services, and support and resources for special populations. Ruth Ann has devoted her life to supporting  student learners, their parents, teachers, administrators, and communities. It is with great pride that she calls herself a teacher.